5 Must-Eat Scottish Foods

We’re all about promoting Scottish culture here at Scotland’s Way Ahead and this blog is part of our ongoing commitment to spreading the word about how great it is to live here.

Scotland is gifted with a culture of its own making, separate from that of its English neighbours. This culture is a matted tapestry of ideas, character traits, warring football teams, fiercely proud cities and bizarre traditions that make Scotland a must-visit destination for anyone who’s even just a little bit curious about what it’s like here.

Ask any Scottish person how important food is to their culture and you’ll soon discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. There are dishes served in Scotland that you’ll not be able to find anywhere else on Earth, more impressive still, there are some meals that you’ll only be able to find on just a handful of islands. Discovering Scottish cuisine is an adventure that you shouldn’t deny yourself, although you might end up parting ways with some cash in the process, it’ll be a sacrifice well worth making.

So, you’re visiting Scotland for a few days, here are the essential dishes that you should try to seek out:

Pizza Slice

This Scottish delicacy sounds ordinary and un-Scottish enough, but it’s the way that this simple food stuff is prepared that really makes the difference. A long-standing stereotype of Scottish people is that they will deep-fry anything, and this certainly holds true with this particular dish. Ask for a pizza slice at a local ‘chippy (Fish’n’chip shop) and you’ll be served a quarter of a 12-inch cheese and tomato pizza that has been deep fried to perfection. Ask for ‘pizza crunch’ and your slice will be deep fried in crispy batter – deliriously indulgent.

Neeps and Tatties with Haggis

The mark of a classic dish is when and where it’s served. This meal is so important to Scottish culture that you’ll find it served at most pubs in the country in some shape or form, more importantly on days of national celebration (New Years Day, Burns Night), when Scottish patriotism is at its height, you’ll find it on the tables of families all across the land. Fine diners may turn their noses up at the combination of mashed potatoes and turnips with a side of haggis, but Scots know that there’s nothing better to fill the belly and warm the heart on a cold winter night.

Cullen Skink

Travel to the Moray region of Scotland and you’re likely to be presented with a steaming bowl of Cullen Skink, a strangely named soup consisting of smoked haddock, potatoes, parsley, bacon, sweetcorn and double cream. Usually paired with a crusty roll, this is a rare treat for anyone who’s not tried it before and makes for an perfect starter or warming lunch. You’ll find Cullen Skink served at most cafes, or restaurants in the Moray area, but if you want to bring the taste of Scotland to your home then it’s not a difficult dish to make yourself. Try out this recipe here.

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